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[PLUG] large_dir support on ext4

I've run into the limit of how many files ext4 can store in a
directory. Read [1] for more details, but basically it involves the
way in which rdiff-backup tracks deleted files.

After writing that blog post I reran the backup with the directory in
question excluded, but it still must have been trying to update it
because it crashed with the same error.

I used tune2fs to add large_dir support to the filesystem in hopes of
getting around this problem. It returned very quickly, which makes me
suspect it will only be applied to new directories, not existing
ones. I'm asking here on the off chance anyone might happen to know
for sure.

I've restarted the regression/backup process to see if it'll work this
time, but I'm not optimistic. Unfortunately it takes about 24 hours to
reach the point where it crashes, so I'll report back over the


1. http://www.mawode.com/blog/blog/2019/09/12/ext4-directory-size-limits/

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