jeff via plug on 20 Sep 2019 11:48:40 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] browser stuff, resources

On 9/20/19 2:13 PM, Keith C. Perry via plug wrote:
LOL. So what you are saying is that "no problems found" thingy we see in the Play store app

good question. I'm sure it means *something*, if only that someone designed a button. In reality, this isn't the first time they've had trouble. Less so iDevices.

is seemingly like the button at at crosswalk eh?

[uh-oh] I think those things are the height of pedestrian entitlement. They slam the button like there's absolutely no auto traffic, and if there were, the cars should wait for them anyway. Even if someone else just pushed the button.

This is but one reason I don't run for office.

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