Soren Harward via plug on 20 Jan 2020 13:00:59 -0800

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[PLUG] Free to good home: Lenovo D10 workstation

After ten years of hard work, I'm looking for a retirement home for my Lenovo D10.

Specs (besides the standard):
- dual Xeon E5450, with non-standard Dynatron T999 coolers
- 28GB RAM, max 64GB, but all slots currently filled
- AMD FirePro V4900 graphics
- no hard drives
- internal SATA CD-RW/DVD+RW drive
- two rear USB3.0 ports from a PCIe card

The upside: it's a still-very-capable 100% Linux-compatible workstation. I can give you extensive hardware documentation and various hardware-dependent config files (kernel, udev, sensors.conf).

The downside: it's loud AF: about 38 dB at idle, and 55 dB at full load. It's huge: full tower, about 35 lbs in its stripped state. Allegedly the enclosure is rack-mountable (5U), but that may require a rail kit that probably isn't available anymore. It also draws about 150W idle, and 350W at full load, so not very power-efficient.

I live in Hatfield. Meeting somewhere between North Wales and Souderton is feasible, or further away (KoP, Ft Washington) if you're buying lunch.

Soren Harward
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