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Re: [PLUG] Open Source IT Asset Management

What about something like:

On 1/23/20 10:32 AM, brent saner via plug wrote:
(Apologies for top-posting)

What I'd recommend is closer to what Will said. There are some asset tracking systems out there, but they're usually tied to a MUCH larger management system. For *these*, I'd recommend either Spacewalk/Satellite or SaltStack, the latter of which has some nice baremetal features for certain OSes and the latter of which can pretty quickly dynamically get you a whole SLEW of information about the host and is MUCH more clean and simple (no built-in web application, but it's easy to write one if you use a DB-backed inventory). Both will also let you incorporate change management.

But if you want something simple, lightweight, tailored to your specific environment, and you're feeling a little NIH-y, a relational DB (doesn't have to be pgsql but I'd stay away from e.g. Sqlite3 as it has no network capabilities or ACL system), a web form.displayer (PHP or flask/django app), and  you should be fine.

I'd recommend QR code over barcode; you get better error leniency and more space for data, readers are ubiquitous (the two major mobile platforms have plethora of reader apps, and tend to have URI auto-detection), dedicated scanners tend to be cheaper/newer (if you decide you need them), and you have a swathe of generating libraries to choose from.[0]

[0]  e.g.

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On Thu, Jan 23, 2020, 09:26 Chris Thistlethwaite via plug < <>> wrote:

    I've messed around a bit with Snipe-IT, which I liked a lot but
    didn't meet my oddly specific and completely unrealistic needs. I
    was trying to do some asset management around servers/VM/colo
    hosts/etc, not stuff around an office on a LAN. That's where Snipe
    is good, local auto discovery, and exactly what you're trying to do.

    There are a few others on this list but I
    haven't tried them at all, but for no good reason, just my needs

    I know you said open source, but I'd also suggest Spiceworks. It's
    free as in beer and generally good at doing a bunch of stuff. At the
    very least, I'd say try it out and you'll get an idea of comparable
    software. Same thing with ManageEngine products like AssetExplorer,
    free to use for some amount of time then limited after that, but
    you'll get to understand what the paid features are and what fits
    your needs. Unless you know/use something already and know what
    you're looking for, then completely ignore that last bit :)

    -Chris T.

    On Thu, Jan 23, 2020 at 3:47 AM Will via plug
    < <>> wrote:

        Asset management? Not really sure odoo is the way to go. But I
        would research this link and see if it can be used like asset

        No reason a little creativity won't make it work. As far as a
        bare bones asset management? Postgress. Making a web front end
        is cake.  If you want a dirty trick for pulling system info and
        seeing when they last checked in, puppet with a base install of
        Foreman. I have a script that would check for last check in and
        it wouldn't be hard to pull facts from systems.

        The biggest question I have is what is the scope of the asset
        management? What kind of reclamation or inventory is needed?
        What types of equipment?

        Speaking from my manufacturing and warehousing background, all
        you need is a database and a barcode scanner (keyboard wedge).
        90% of what you want can be done with a database and really
        simple programming.

        -Will C

        On Thu, Jan 23, 2020, 02:53 KP via plug
        < <>>

            I think Odoo (formerly OpenERP) has some form of asset
            management. Not sure if its one of the free modules though.

            On January 22, 2020 10:08:44 PM EST, Thomas Delrue via plug
            <>> wrote:

                Does anyone have any recommendations for Open Source IT Asset Management
                systems? We'd like to be able track the different assets we have and
                have a check-in/check-out functionality for 'loaner' devices as well.
                If it can generate bar/QR codes to put on the assets, that'd be a great
                feature too.

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