K.S. Bhaskar via plug on 24 Jan 2020 11:55:22 -0800

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[PLUG] YottaDB needs a technical writer

As YottaDB is looking for a technical writer, please do forward the job description below to anyone you know who might have a match. Thank you very much.

– Bhaskar


YottaDB® (https://yottadb.com) develops a hierarchical key-value (NoSQL) database engine used in nation-scale banking and healthcare applications, and which also scales down to fit in Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded applications. Although the company is young, the code base is mature and proven. 100% of our software and documentation runs on Linux and is released under free / open source licenses, at https://gitlab.com/YottaDB. We are currently developing Octo®, a SQL engine to access data in YottaDB databases.

We need a technical writer. As our software is highly technical (our users are software developers, system administrators and DevOps professionals), the documentation too is very technical. In addition to mastery of technical English, creating YottaDB documentation requires comfort with Linux/UNIX, the ability to quickly pick up new concepts and ideas, and the ability to create examples. You will work closely with our developers to develop and maintain our user documentation.

Our user documentation is authored using ReStructured Text, and published using Sphinx with a customized Read the Docs theme. Familiarity with Restructured Text, Sphinx, and a version control system such as git will get you up and running sooner.

The position is based at our office in Malvern, PA, with ample parking, and just two blocks from a bus stop. We are open to both contractor as well as employee relationships, as well as part- and full-time work, Please e-mail me at bhaskar@yottadb.com. I promise to acknowledge every message. Thank you.

K.S. Bhaskar
President, YottaDB LLC


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