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Re: [PLUG] All the videos from FOSDEM are up!

(Sorry, this went just to Chris T last time.)

I did make it to FOSDEM. YottaDB had a table, and I gave a talk (https://fosdem.org/2020/schedule/event/dragonscgo/). In the first two hours on Saturday morning, we had more people stop by our table than in the entirety of All Things Open in Raleigh last year, and over the two days, we had more people stopping by than all the events we attended in the US in 2019 put together. It was just non-stop action, to the point where I didn't get to go around and talk to the other FOSS projects or attend any talks but my own. The main down sides were the long lines to get food and drink, even though the organizers had brought in food trucks.

I got to Brussels Friday early afternoon, and as I had the rest of the afternoon free, I took a self-guided tour of Brasserie Cantillon, the only brewery within the Brussels city limits that still brews the traditional lambic ales (other breweries have relocated to outside city limits). The tasting room at the end of the tour was full of FOSDEM attendees from many countries. I spent my time there talking to someone from California working on the Linux kernel for RISC-V.

At the (Google funded) dinner on Saturday evening for those presenting at or organizing the Go track, I met people from all over the world, including Brazil and Israel.

I plan to be back at FOSDEM next year.

– Bhaskar

P.S. For what it's worth, I got a $518 round trip airfare, Philadelphia to Frankfurt (I had other business in Germany and Belgium) and Brussels to Philadelphia on Aer Lingus via Dublin. You clear US Immigration in Dublin flying to the US on Aer Lingus from Dublin, so when the flight lands, you walk off as you would on a domestic flight.

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I almost made it to Brussels this year. Maybe next year, till then I can watch the videos.


-Chris T. 
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