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Re: [PLUG] Anyone here use LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studio)?

In my experience, those specs are way off for any serious work.  When I say "serious" I mean the ability use the software without technical glitches.

My previous computer production center piece was an AMD x64 Turion (dual so the X2 variant) with 2Gb of RAM.  It really was a struggle on that system but after some tweaking it was usable if I didn't have much of anything else running.  I think the CPU was clock speed was 1.6 or 1.8 but not more than 2.0GHz

A reasonable system is going to be at least 2.5Ghz and 4Gb of RAM.  You might even want to cp your source material and record to a RAM disk during your session so the more RAM the better.

Trust your ears always but the technical test of a capable system is seeing if you can get Jack configured to a 10ms latency or less (i.e. no xruns under load).  That is optimal.  You can go higher but above 20ms and I think you'll start to hear issues with tracking delays and sample accuracy (which implies loop accuracy).

Good luck!

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I imagine at one time, it was "Linux Makes Music and Sounds" :)

More to it, while the Wikipedia article holds that its minimum system 
requirements are fairly light (1 GHz CPU, 512 MB RAM, and a stereo sound 
card) - what's been your experience, if any? Did this DAW have you 
saying "Do" or "D'oh!" ?

(Yes, I was the fellow who stumbled with Rosegarden years earlier.)

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