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[PLUG] Doing MJD's April PLUG talk via videoconference

Hi everyone,

I have some good news -- Mark Jason Dominus will be doing his
originally scheduled April PLUG Central talk, "Greenlight Is A Git
Branch Merging Service", as a video conference! I'll send out an
official announcement probably tomorrow, but here are some details:

* We'll be using Jitsi Meet, a fully-encrypted 100% open source video
  conference system.

* Jitsi Meet runs in the browser, but Chrome and Chromium are the only
  officially supported browsers at this time. There are also Android
  and iOS apps, plus it's possible to dial in.

* Fair warning -- we've done a few tests with a 2 or 3 people, but we
  don't know how well it will scale up if we get a lot of folks on the
  channel. We're going to give it a try and play it by ear.

* We'll aim to start at our usual time, 7 PM on Wednesday April 1.


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