George Zipperlen via plug on 29 Mar 2020 21:53:17 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] virus virus spotted roaming the cyber-wild

Followup to myself, 

on reflection, I see why a quoting mechanism for spam is a *really* stoopid idea.

<whack myself with LART and clue-by-4>
Yep, after 20 years of application, database, and statistical model programming,
with no systems work, I'm a lUser at this stuff.  Just don't call me a 'Dev', and
I'm only a "data scientist" for self-marketing porpoises

Anyway, Here's a plain english version of the spam, so that my part 2 meme 
diagnosis makes at least some sense in context

> 	subject 	 fight coronavirus and save -- Combattez le coronaviru et économisez
> 	from  // redacted, might be target, most likely a throwaway
> 	Other headers dumped -- I don't have the expertise in today's world to find the 	boundary between real and fake.
> 	I'm guessing legit past the gmail injection point, irrelevant the other side.
> 	"kill novel sars virus"
> 	and "save money"
> 	"this newly proven anti-viral agent is scientificly (sic) based on"
> 	"Chloroquine and Colchicine"
> 	many repeated reassurances of quality, supremely competitive valuation,
> 	and, of course means of resolving dissatisfaction
> 	<liberal use of emphatic punctuation throughout>
> 	# http:// payload ? url deleted, see below
> 	<same thing in French, I'm not good enough to attempt a non-spam version>

George Zipperlen

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