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Re: [PLUG] Gluster best practices?

I've got to tell you all that this is one of the most amazing and best things about PLUG.
JP - who has provided help for all of us at one time or another - has a tough question.
The people here *with knowledge* step up to help out. 

I try to be of help when I can and am delighted that everyone here does the same and then some.

Thanks to all of you. Youse good peeps. 

On Fri, Apr 24, 2020 at 5:58 PM JP Vossen via plug <> wrote:
On 4/23/20 11:31 PM, JP Vossen wrote:
> We are considering using Gluster for a project at work, because it's
> relatively simple and seems to meet our needs.  I was wondering if
> anyone has any experience with using it, best practices, things that
> will bite us, etc.

Many thanks to all how have responded so far.  Based on the replies
we're now looking at LizardFS, which I *thought* I had previously
brought up, but if I did it hadn't stuck.  This time it did.

As for Oracle Linux, we hate it with a burning passion, but have zero
choice; that's what it has to be.  :-(

Keith, good to know about activity, it looks quite bad on the wikipedia
page where MooseFS looks good.

Will, thanks for the note about Chrony, I suspect any/all of these will
be sensitive there so I'll make sure that is specced in.  It should be
anyway, but I'll make sure.

Rich, per the guy doing the actual work the issue with Ceph was that it
flat out would not work if some /etc/*-release file (I took poor notes)
didn't have the string "Red Hat" in it.  Since we're stuck with OEL...
I didn't read the Oracle docs link because I'm not doing the work, but I
did send it on.

Bhaskar, the use case is mostly check-box compliance, so yeah, it's a
bunch of archive files that'd we'd have to `zgrep` or something.  Or
feed back into a one-off historical indexer instance...

Dustin, thanks for all the gotchas, about 70% of them were new to me and
haven't come up in any of our discussions.  The expansion stuff has come
up a lot, so it was good to get external conformation that we had it
right.  And yes, that's painful, that's one way I was able to sell
looking into LizardFS.

Losing a Gluster storage node and then recovering it was one of my big
questions because it sounded quite painful.  Not sure we'll ever answer
that if LizardFS works out.

So, many thanks again!
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