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Re: [PLUG] An alternative to Zoom: Sangoma Meet

On 4/24/20 17:35, Keith C. Perry via plug wrote:
> I wanted get the word about this for what it is worth- anything to claw
> people away from Zoom.
> I did a pretty long call with my brother today and the experience was
> very good.  As far as I can tell the typical functionality is there. 
> Most importantly, no accounts and after you start a new meeting there is
> "i" with a circle around it in the lower right which has the URL you can
> cut and past.  The password is there too.

i THOUGHT the UI looked *super* familiar.

"What is the technology behind Sangoma Meet?

Sangoma Meet is based on WebRTC, which provides video conferencing and
is supported by most of the major web browsers today. Our software stack
is built upon several open source tools, including ***Jitsi Meet***,
FreeSWITCH™, HAProxy, Prometheus, Grafana, collectd, and other tools
used for provisioning, deploying and managing the service." (emphasis added)

it's just a SaaS Jitsi Meet with a FreeSWITCH SIP bridge.

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