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Re: [PLUG] download from WHERE?

On 4/29/20 09:30, Rich Mingin (PLUG) via plug wrote:
> I'm just waiting for Linux to do something to bring part or all of KVM
> into the kernel tree, and then my somewhat myopic vision from ten years
> ago will come to fruition. At the time I ran VMware Workstation under
> Linux and Windows both, and ran the live/on-disk copy of the other OS in
> a mildly tricky passthrough setup. I thought it was pretty great, I
> basically ran two OSes at the same time, and just rebooted based on
> which OS wanted the GPU at the time.....
> But it was still 
> Host OS
> hypervisor
> guest OS
> And I always imagined/looked forward to a day where it would be:
> hypervisor
> guest OS
> guest OS
> We've gotten very close to that now. With bare-metal hypervisors
> perpetually *almost* a thing, and universal IOMMU/PCIe segmentation
> finally starting to become mainstream, all the pieces are finally here.

worth noting that IBM has KVM on bare metal:

well. "bare metal". it's sort of that. at a *guess*, their "bare metal"
implementation is just the linux kernel and libvirt running in an
initram image. (initial ramdisks aren't JUST for assisting booting to a
full system!)

i bet if anyone brings baremetal kvm to the general public, it'd be the
Coreboot folks. it shouldn't be *that* big of a step.

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