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[PLUG] retro game emulation | [was[ Re: download from WHERE?

On Apr 28, 2020, at 11:41 AM, wrote:

 My most meta effort was running Lemmings. It was a Mac port of the
version for the Amiga, running in a Mac emulator for Linux running
under Linux emulation on NetBSD.

<golf clap>

A tough meta chain to beat.   Can't top that length, but going for ancient vintage:

I'm trying to put together 
Apollo DomainOS  <<  Motorola 68000  << xhyve (bhyve port)   << MacOs      << Intel Core i7 
                                                                                                      << FreeBSD  <<  RaspberryPi (ARM)

good sites for this kinda stuff

bit savers

old games

The Unix Archive

The Unix Tree

tinkertoy nim
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