Floyd Johnson via plug on 30 Apr 2020 16:16:04 -0700

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[PLUG] Acer Chromebook 14: 18% battery loss in a year?

This morning, after suspending my GalliumOS-outfitted Chromebook and unplugging it, I found the "battery remaining" at 79% upon restore, rather than the 98% that usually happens when I do that.

Xfce Power Manager clued me in that the fully-charged level is now 36.4 watt-hours versus the 44.7 watt-hours when it was new.

Granted, I've been using this rig to develop standalone apps (mobile productivity-ware and 3-D games) and stream media, but suddenly, I have a feeling I'd pushed the whole system harder than what it was meant for.

The upshot: Even with an N3160 CPU (Braswell System-on-a-Chip), I don't think the Acer CB3-431 (board id EDGAR) makes it for a long-term, high-intensity (Android Studio and Unity3D) development rig.

On the upside, the keyboard and casing are intact after a year of use - that HP Stream 14 I had in 2018 bombed out in those departments.

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