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Re: [PLUG] ISO Open Source Dashboarding Software

On 7/14/20 3:58 PM, Thomas Delrue via plug wrote:
> Does anyone have any recommendations for open source (web-based)
> dashboarding applications? The solution I'm looking for should be able
> to display a variety of different pieces of information that it gets
> from web/REST/JSON APIs, as well as directly from random databases it
> can be hooked into.
> In terms of graphing, I'm interested in tables, graphs, heatmaps, map
> overlays, etc, the more the better.
> If anyone has any recommendations, I'd be very interested in learning
> about what you recommend and how it worked for you!
Thank you everyone for the feedback!

As a follow-up to everyone, the suggested solutions were:
Apache Superset:
Redash: (recently bought by Databricks, but there is
an open source version)

Looking at them tall, I'm going to start looking at Apache Superset
unless someone tells me that this would be a mistake...

Thanks again for the collective wisdom :)


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