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Re: [PLUG] Chime

Got this error and called them.
They then said they do not accept "private" email addresses.
You will note here it says "anonymous" email provider- which is wrong. 
Protonmail is not an anonymous email provider. It is a private email provider.


On Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 2:46 PM LeRoy Cressy via plug <> wrote:
On 2/28/21 1:53 PM, Joe Rosato via plug wrote:
Recently purchased a private email address to increase my security, and just found out does not allow "private" email addresses. I went with protonmail - used the free one for a while now when I wanted more privacy than my gmail account.

I understand that "free" things on the internet translates to "you" are the product... but somehow this one blindsided me.

Thought it would make for a good discussion.


I personally use protonmail and also purchased from them the vpn package. As a paying customer you can download their protonmail bridge packagewhich enables you to use Mozilla Thunderbird to directly access their IMAP server.  Their VPN supports using OpenVPN which is available on all Linux distributions.

As an Arch Linux user they include a PKGBUILD file for you to compile your own package.

I have no problems with with their service.  They also responded very quickly when I noticed a bug in their PKGBUILD file.

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