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Re: [PLUG] FreeBSD, OpenSSL

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Subject: [PLUG] FreeBSD, OpenSSL
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Buffer overruns, license violations, and bad code: FreeBSD 13’s close call

I figure you've all run into the Linux-advocacy joke, "If Operating Systems were Airlines..." The entry for UNIX goes, " Everyone brings one piece of the plane along when they come to the airport. They all go out on the runway and put the plane together piece by piece, arguing non-stop about what kind of plane they are supposed to be building.

A locally-produced variant (https://web.sas.upenn.edu/jasonrw/2015/12/29/if-operating-systems-were-airlines/goes

"Each passenger brings a piece of the airplane and a box of tools to the airport. They gather on the tarmac, arguing constantly about what kind of plane they want to build and how to put it together. Eventually, they build several different aircraft, but give them all the same name. Some passengers actually reach their destinations. All passengers believe they got there."

The Ars Technica article led me to wonder if things of that nature could be said for FreeBSD.

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