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Re: [PLUG] DNS, fsearch, systemd

The late Dan Kominsky first brought up dns cache poisoning in 2008, which I was able to retrieve from my PLUG archive; Dan Goodin has carried the analysis further as
jeffv has brought up recently.
I've just found a class of mis-configured entries that ought to disrupt
DNS lookups. Here's a ferinstance:
There's a misconfiguration in the index address for more than fifty of these
IPv4 addresses:
dig -x ==> ;; ANSWER SECTION: 1200 IN CNAME 7199 IN PTR

That misconfiguration ought to interfere with the resolution of, but it doesn't.
Is that because I've looked up those addresses too many times ?

The miscofiguration appears to stem from the original setup/registration of the server, as 128/25 is the correct CIDR block of the affected addresses. However, the injected 128-25 in is in the wrong position of the reversed
order of IPv4 octets, as though the misconfiguration is deliberate.
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