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Re: [PLUG] Move SD card from Raspberry Pi 2 to Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

I don't know off-hand but several years of experience with Pis
including a pretty substantial amount of frustration gives me the
hunch that you are best off being thorough and migrating the RAID.
It's not "true" configuration management software but I have a script
I use to make the process of setting up a new Debian system reasonably

If you repurpose it for your own needs and need the JDK for whatever
reason, note that the script installs a headless variant, which you
might not want.

On Tue, Jan 4, 2022 at 3:26 PM Adam Zion via plug
<> wrote:
> A question closely related to my previous one...
> Simple/not simple question: is it safe to move the SD card from my existing Raspberry Pi 2 (Model B Rev 1.1) to the latest-and-greatest version? The existing Pi is running Raspbian Bullseye and a 4 drive mdadm RAID 5- hence wanting to upgrade to the more capable board. I figure it's easier to move the existing SD card + drives to the faster Pi than to set up the new Pi from scratch and migrate the RAID to it. Or would it be?
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