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Re: [PLUG] chip

On Sat, Jan 22, 2022 at 10:07 AM Ronaldo Nascimento via plug
<> wrote:
> What about the
> They just released the firmware as open source.

Interesting.  While it isn't clearly advertised it does contain TPM
2.0, and you can find the associated code in the firmware.  I'm not
sure whose TPM chip they use (I'm sure it is buried in the source code

You could probably modify the firmware if even needed to support a
secure platform.  That said, the simplest way to do a secure platform
is to use full disk encryption and tie the encryption keys to the boot
path in the TPM, which basically works on any system that supports TPM
from the last decade or so.  That won't prevent the CPU from booting a
different firmware or OS, but it will prevent such an OS from reading
the contents of the hard drive.  Basically to tamper with the device
they'd have to wipe the hard drive and install their own OS, and I'd
assume you'd probably notice when none of your files or configuration
are present.

I've heard lots of nice things about the laptop in general - not sure
how it compares cost/performance wise to alternatives, but it is
repairable.  If somebody is looking to escape from TPM though I doubt
that there are many options for that out there.

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