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[PLUG] Old Raspberry Pi Max Input Supply Voltage

I've got an _OLD_ Model A Raspberry PI (the second model produced, which
was a cost-down version of the first Model B).

I'm using a 3" NTSC video display board with it that accepts the old
composite video, but I've got a power problem.

The video display requires 6-12 volts, but the PI asks for 5 +/- .25V. 
I've run this combo using 2 wall warts, but I'd much rather use a single
supply.  My thought was to power the old PI via the GPIO pins with a
single 7-volt wall wart I've got lying around.

Do you think this would fry the Pi?  I expect that it will only make the
Pi run a little warmer than normal, but would appreciate some electrical
engineering advice here.


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