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Re: [PLUG] Symbolic Link Problem/Question

> This problem has stymied me in the past, and I think someone here may
> have helped me in the past, but I'm getting older now...
> I want to link a directory so that I can access it more easily.
> Specifically, I wan to link:
>      /files1/documents   to   /docs
> I've tried this command:
> "ln -s /files/documents /docs"
> But when I do a directory of "ls /docs", I get shown a file which shows
> the link to the old directory.  But what I want is to see the directory
> of files on /files1/documents.
> I've done this before, and there was a "trick" to make it work, but I
> can't remember the trick, nor can I find it on the web.
> Can somebody help?
> TIA!

   Adding a training slash (ls /docs/) or a trailing slash and dot (ls
/docs/.) should get you want you want.

                             Gary Duzan

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