Steve Litt via plug on 8 Feb 2024 15:38:26 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Apple II ProDOS Wanted

Rich Mingin \(PLUG\) via plug said on Thu, 8 Feb 2024 16:05:28 -0500

>On Thu, Feb 8, 2024 at 3:05 PM Casey Bralla via plug
><> wrote:
>> I'm the proud owner of a 1983 Apple IIe computer with dual (count
>> 'em!) disk drives that I bought from eBay.

>I mean, I'd never advocate piracy, but given the absolute lack of
>current vendors vs. having the hardware, how would you feel about disk

Part of my income comes from selling information, so as you can
imagine, I too am not an advocate of unauthorized copying. But in this
case, not only what Rich said, but also, copyright length is waaaay too
long. It should be 15 years, renewable for another 15, then public
domain. [1] [2]

Apple 2 is about 40 years old. I think it would be ethical to grab a
copy any way you could get it.

[1] Call me a hypocrite, because I still sell a 33 year old book. I
    hope they reduce copyright to 15 plus 15 renewal, but I won't
    public domain my book until/unless I can gain the benefits of
    everyone else doing the same.

[2] Such a law must come with a complete lawsuit immunity to the
    author, publisher and everything else that went public domain after
    15 years. It wouldn't be right to be financially responsible for
    something not bringing in money.

[3] The law must be structured so that derivatives of public domain do
    not enjoy such immunity, and the author of the derivative is
    responsible until his derivative goes into public domain after 15
    or 30 years.


Steve Litt 

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