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Re: [PLUG] Router Distro Recommendation

If you're not going to build your own router / firewall / switch with a typical Linux distro, then +1 for OpenWRT since they do have x86 now (for quite awhile they didn't)  My Arduino Yun actually has OpenWRT but I've done a couple of x86 deployment with it.

I've run dd-wrt on Buffalo WAPs.  It's good but I would still lean towards OpenWRT at this point even though they also have an x86 build.

I mention x86 since that would make it easier to play with it in virtualization.  Not that you can't play around with some ARM in stuff too but x86 in that regard is easier to deal with to do a fair comparison so you can see which you like better.

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I like that OpenWRT is Linux based, has a package manager and supports iptables. 

Michael Lazin

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On Sun, Feb 25, 2024 at 2:29 PM Casey Bralla via plug <> wrote:

I want to load Linux on an old Netgear wireless router.  I'm tired of the confusing and inflexible software on the router and want to try something that make more sense to my Linux-trained mind.

I'm not wanting to do anything fancy, just a basic router that lets me get in a easily see the settings and make adjustments.

I find that the unit is compatible with

  • dd-wrt
  • OpenWRT
  • Gargoyle (based on OpenWRT)

Anybody got a recommendation?


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