Michael C. Toren on Thu, 16 Aug 2001 17:50:52 -0400

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Re: [tcptra-dev] Updated manpage

> Hello all. I had a fit of documenting last night, and 
> the result is a rewritten manpage, updated to reflect
> all the changes from 1.1 to 1.3-beta1. I attached it
> to this email. If people could comment and patch, and
> if Mike would kindly add it to the distribution, I'd
> appreciate it.


Thanks for the patch.  While I don't think that the man page needs to
be completely rewritten from scratch, I did incorporate some of your
changes for documenting the new -N, -S, and -A command line arguments.

By the way, a few corrections:

	-l pktlen
		Set  the  size  of outgoing packets to pktlen.  The
		default is to send a packet with just  the  current
		time in it.

The default packet length is the minimum size required to include the
IP and TCP header; we don't include a timestamp in outgoing packets.

	-N	Do not attempt to resolve addresses in the RFC 1918
		private spaces.

The -N flag actually causes everything to be resolved, including
1918 address space.  If you don't specify either -N or -n, lookups
are performed only on non-1918 address space.


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