Ed Ravin on 25 Nov 2003 21:16:02 -0500

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[tcptra-dev] tcptraceroute/NetBSD 1.54 can't see ICMP packets

On Tue, Nov 25, 2003 at 05:10:58PM -0500, Michael C. Toren wrote:
> There's a known problem on many BSD systems where select(2) will never
> indicate data is waiting to be read on a BPF socket.  Can you tell us if
> tcptraceroute functions properly when using the --no-select flag?

Yes, indeed it does!  That was simple!

> If so,
> can you please tell us what the output of "gcc -E -dM - </dev/null" is on
> your system, so that we can make --no-select the default under NetBSD?

The system I built it on reports this:

	# gcc -E -dM - </dev/null
	#define __i386__ 1 
	#define __NetBSD__ 1 
	#define __i386 1 
	#define __KPRINTF_ATTRIBUTE__ 1 
	#define __GNUC_MINOR__ 91 
	#define i386 1 
	#define __GNUC__ 2 
	#define __ELF__ 1 


	-- Ed
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