Joel L. Breazeale on 7 Jan 2004 07:43:01 -0000

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[tcptra-dev] OT plz help me promote the install of tcptraceroute (was Re: [tcptra-dev] tcptraceroute for SunOS)


[Please pardon me for posting what is likely a little bit off-topic.
I do think it brings up a good point and may be something folks have
not thought about.]

I have tcptraceroute compiled and ready to go on SunOS.  However, the
almighty sysadmin at my ISP is in the way.  I can't make the program
be setuid root.  My ISP (as you can guess) is  The sysadmin
in question brushed me off saying nobody was asking for it (one person
asking for something isn't enough it seems).  I honestly don't know 
how many people it takes to be enough.  I have posted to the visi.general
USENET newsgroup ask for feedback to see if any users would support the
install of tcptraceroute.  Now I have three negative responses and the
sysadmin has chimed into the same thread essentially asking me to give
up and seek alternatives.

If any of you can pull a rabbit out of the proverbial hat and say some-
thing to support tcptraceroute in this circumstance I would be glad to
see it happen.  I would also gladly exchange e-mail with folks off the
mailing list toward swaying the sysadmin folks.

Thank you,
Joel Breazeale

> Thank you.  I actually eventually figured that out then came to realize
> that I had to talk my ISP into allowing it as it is a suid program and
> I don't have root access (bummer).  At least it compiles!  We'll see how
> it goes on using it.  [I've used it under MacOS X and RedHat Linux.]
> Regards,
> Joel Breazeale
> > On 2003-12-19 at 11:58:42-0600 "Joel L. Breazeale" <> wrote:
> > > I think this boils down to not having the proper combination of
> > > versions of the various files.  I have libnet 1.1 from
> > >, libpcap-0.8.1 from
> > >, and finally tcptraceroute 1.4 from
> > >
> > 
> > You need version 1.5 of tcptraceroute in order to compile against
> > libnet >= 1.1.
> > 
> > Note that tcptraceroute 1.5 is (still) in beta.  I've been using it
> > for the past 6 months, though, and I believe it is as stable as 1.4.
> > 
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