Tom Diehl on Sun Oct 30 17:36:45 2005

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On Sat, 29 Oct 2005, Doug Crompton wrote:

> Would it be possible to have  [BCLUG] in the subject line similiar to the
> way it is on PLUG???  Makes it easier to ID for procmail etc.

Procmail will filter just fine on the
"X-BeenThere:" header in each and every message
that comes through this list. It is what I use.

> I am in Richboro which is about 7 miles NE of Willow Grove. I think it was
> Art who said he had a connection with the WG B&N. That would be a
> convenient place also. Actually as easy or easier to reach from the
> Turnpike especially with all the construction around Ft Washington.

That same person also suggested B&N in Oxford Valley. Which is actually
in Bucks County. :-)

Is there no one else on this list actually interested in meeting in Bucks



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