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Re: [bclug] Follow-up from tonight's meeting

A few items from the meeting last night:

   - Celestia, "the free space simulation that lets you explore our
     universe in three dimensions", can be found at
     http://www.shatters.net/celestia/.  It's quite fun.

   - Selenium, a JavaScript QA tool for testing web applications in
     Firefox, can be found at http://selenium.thoughtworks.com/

   - Peter Seebach's Infrequently Asked Questions in comp.lang.c, lives
     at http://www.plethora.net/~seebs/faqs/c-iaq.html.  I particularly
     enjoy the Arrays and Pointers section; the entire FAQ is probably
     best enjoyed after reading the comp.lang.c FAQ, which is an
     excellent reference.

   - ddclient, a Linux Dynamic DNS client, can be found at
     http://ddclient.sf.net.  I use it with the dyndns.com service,
     although there are many others it is compatible with.


perl -e'$u="\4\5\6";sub H{8*($_[1]%79)+($_[0]%8)}sub G{vec$u,H(@_),1}sub S{vec
($n,H(@_),1)=$_[2]}$_=q^{P`clear`;for$iX){PG($iY)?"O":" "forX8);P"\n"}for$iX){
forX8){$c=scalar grep{G@$_}[$i-1Y-1Z-1YZ-1Y+1ZY-1ZY+1Z+1Y-1Z+1YZ+1Y+1];S$iY,G(
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