Doug Crompton on 18 Dec 2005 16:30:14 -0000

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Re: GCC Compilers

> Yes. If I remember correctly, it compiles the bootstrap (which is a
> minimalist c compiler that only implements enough to compile the
> compiler) using your existing compiler, which is then uses to compile a
> full gcc, then it uses the full gcc to recompile itself (in order to
> make use of optimisations not in the bootstrap).

The reason I question this is because of the following statement from the
GCC site....

  Important: because these are source releases, they will be of little use
  to you if you do not already have a C compiler on your machine. If you
  don't already have a compiler, you need pre-compiled binaries. Our
  binaries page has references to pre-compiled binaries for various

I guess I will just have to download it and find out. As I do have gcc4
maybe that can ve used to compile the older gcc.

Unfortunately I do not see an appropriate binary for my platform. If
anyone knows where I might find a SUSE appropriate binary let me know.


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