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Re: May 15th Meeting Announcement


Sorry you can't make it.

What is the advantage of the NSLU2 ?   I guess you don't have a need to
interface with your POTS lines or legacy phones ?

Here, I've kept one POTS line for 911 and faxing and use VOIP for most
everything else. The house phones are a mix of wireless analog and

FYI -  For those of you stopping by Monday evening,  you can try out
my Asterisk box at the BCLUG meeting if you like.

Download one of the clients below before the meeting, and I'll have a
few extra accounts on * ready to go.   I'm curious how many people
can be in a conference together on my box ( 1GHz Celeron, 256Mb RAM )

I use only IAX2 clients outside my firewall, and SIP hardphones inside. That
way there is only one port (4569) open on my firewall to the pbx.

IAX2 Clients
DIAX: http://www.laser.com/dante/diax/diax.html Windows only ( version 9.15a )
IDEFISK: http://www.asteriskguru.com/idefisk/free/ Win/Mac/Linux ( version 1.35)
KIAX: http://kiax.sourceforge.net/ Win/Linux requires Qt3.2 ( Deb/RH/Gentoo/SuSE packages)

SIP Clients:
X-lite: http://www.counterpath.com/index.php?menu=download Win/Mac/Linux

I've only used DIAX and IDEFISK on Win32.  YMMV.

Lee Marzke

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