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Re: May 15th Meeting Announcement


I am a complete novice to voip/asterisk. The NSLU2 is just a very small,
very low power Linux appliance. I have lots of things running in it. It is
an amazing little box. It might be a good topic for a meeting.

I would be interested in seeing the NSLU2 work. I have a couple Sipura SPA-841 phones
but haven't used the SPA-3000 I would think there is some overlap in setup, however.
I found this guide that may help: http://www.jmgtechnology.com.au/spa_3000_guide.pdf

I run Asterisk on a µATX board in a Netvista case ( slightly larger than a phone book )
with an IDE drive, no CD, floppy, or monitor, so it is pretty low power as well. The
power supply is only rated 60W.

My repeat Asterisk talk is at UNISYS in Malvern on 5/18


Doug Crompton wrote:

The fact that it is so low power and capable lends it to many uses where a desktop/laptop might not work or might be overkill. It makes a great server for music/video/files, small web server, specialized control, etc. File pkg.list is attached showing current stuff ported to unslung on NSLU2. There are also openslug and DebianSlug projects which would offer even more. The NSLU2 can be found for about $80 or less.

Asterisk has been ported to it.


I also purchased spa-3000 which seems like a real flexible box for
integration of pots analog,local analog, and voip. It does have an
extensive and somewhat intimidating setup though. Do you know anyone who
has used this box?

Something to do in my spare time!


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