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Re: May 15th Meeting ( Pizza and beer )

Elizabeth was ordering pizza. The nearby SlyFox is one of the best micro brews
around. If you let me know what you want and I'll get a selection of beer to go
with the pizza.

*No BYOB*, just let me know what you want from below. ($3.50/pint donations requested)
Please do bring soda, snacks, etc.

*Email beer requests (by pint) Limit 2 to:     lee@marzke.net*

Rt 113 - IPA 7%
SaisonVos - Belgian 6.9%
Incubus - Belgian triple very strong Belgian hopped %10
Instigator - German DoppleBock 7.5%
Ichor - Abbey style quadruple 10% ( dark, sweet, made with candy sugar, but not as sweat as scotch ale )

I'll serve by the pint glass as these are all large 650mL bottles.

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