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hi everyone, i've setup a website so that users of open source server side
software can come and look at instructional guides, how-to's, forums,
wiki's and all sorts of other information about setting up software on
Linux for both windows and Linux based networks.

I am currently still working on it, adding new screen shots every day,
hoping to double check a lot of my how-to's once the screen shots are
added, re-write them to increase keyword density of my articles for better
search engine results & once that is done i will hopefully be added
streaming video of my how-to articles using either youtube embed code or
revver embed code. - - Setup
- OpenLDAP + LAM + Samba as PDC
- NTLM authentication on squid
- Squid and PAM authentication -
OpenLDAP and OpenSSL on 636
- Postfix aliases from the Active Directory CN
- vsftpd + OpenSSL + Net2FTP
- Squid1(ntlm) => Dansguardian => Squid2(cache)
- Squid, pam authentication & Squish download manager - Squid
and HAVP (http anti virus proxy) -
Privoxy & Squid
- Postfix + ClamAV + MailScanner + Dovercot
- Installing SquidGuard On Fedora
- Dansguardian with different filter groups
- Mambo + MySql + PHP + Apache -
OpenDC HUB & DCplusplus
- Poptop VPN Server - DDNS
using Bind9 and DHCP
- pop3 Server On Fedora with IlohaMail
- LDAP linux client with OpenLDAP server
- LDAP linux client with Active Directory Server
- Dovecot, SquirrelMail, Retrieve User Data, Active Directory, Winbind,
- OpenLDAP Replication
- Authentication against Active Directories using winbind for pop3
- SWAT (Samba Web AdministrationTool) -
OpenLDAP and postfix
- phpldapadmin and openldap -
xrdp installation from source
- Personalized Denial page for squid
- Samba Primary Domain Controller with Group Policies
- Setup Apache 2 with Access to Home Directories
- Setup Apache 2 with OpenLDAP Authentication
- Setup Virtual IP address on eth0:1
- Setup Apache 2 with OpenSSL
- Apache 2 with Webdav & htpasswd using openSSL certs -
Apache 2 & Virtual Hosts
- apache 2.2 & mod_authz_owner
- Apache, user access to home directories, webdav & openldap
- TFTP + PXE + syslinux + Fedora install
- Dovecot imap/pop3 with openssl and squirrelmail
- Basic NFS share, mount, auto mount
- Procmail Vacation Auto-Reply -
TFTP + PXE + syslinux + G4L
- Setup Tor & Privoxy for anonymous searching
- SquirrelMail, Mysql userprefs & Mysql Address book
- Postfix with OpenSSL and saslauth
- Active Directory as Address Book with apache and PHP
- Winbind Virtual Users, Postfix, Spamassassin, Procmail, SquirrelMail &
- Postfix, Spamassassin, Procmail and SquirrelMail
- Print Server for a windows domain with a web gui -
Virus scanning with VirusHammer
- Basic CD Server with HTML interface
- deploy Firefox with Samba PDC & wpkg
- MySQL users, PostfixAdmin, Postfix, Dovecot & SquirrelMail with
userprefs stored in mySQL
- Fighting Spam With SpamAssassin, Pyzor, DCC, Razor & Rules Du Jour
- backups with Bacula, MySql & Apache -
BackupPc & Apache
 - VPN + ssl
 - Tomcat, MySql, J2ee, Alfresco CMS
 - Amanda backup
 - Squid & SARG
 - Squid with delay pools
 - Jabber messenger server with web client
 - Squid with proxy_auth & OpenLDAP
 - Samba file server with ClamAV doing on-access file scanning


My ServerSetup Scripts

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