Paul Matthews on 9 May 2007 19:25:33 -0000

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hi everyone, I?ve setup a website so that users of open source server side
software can come and look at instructional guides, how-to's, forums,
wiki's and all sorts of other information about setting up software on
Linux for both windows and Linux based networks.

I am currently still working on it, adding new screen shots every day,
hoping to double check a lot of my how-to's once the screen shots are
added & once that is done I will hopefully be adding streaming video of my
how-to articles using either embed code from meta café.

I?ve also added the ability for other members of the Open Source & Linux
community to add there own howto?s if they sign up and post there own
blogs. It?s a bit of a new feature to the site & I?m really looking
forward to taking off and having lots of different people adding there own

I've made heaps changes over the past 2 months now here is a list of just
some of them.

I really hope there is some useful information for people here on this
website & please, if you have any advice or help on this website, I'd love
to hear it.

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