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Re: Testing the waters w/IPv6

On Sun, 9 May 2010, Ed Ackerman wrote:

> OK, I'll admit it, the hype about the imminent demise of available v4 address
> space has me investigating v6. Besides it seems like a something fun to do,
> sort of like the first time you were able to get news through a uucp
> connection. If anyone goes back that far.

I have not yet messed with V6, I do remember the uucp thing though. I also 
remember email addresses that consisted of bang paths. I will bet most here
do not know what I am talking about. :-) Brings back nightmares, I mean
memories of modems, serial ports and break out boxes.  FWIW, I still have
customers that are running dialup modems. Fortunately no uucp but dialup
modems none the less.

FWIW, I am waiting for VZ to offer V6 on FiOS, then I will get interested. I 
have V6 capable hardware but so far I do not see the advantage to switch. Maybe
I am missing something but so I do not see it. I would be happy to be convinced 

> I have a working tunnel (6to4) running and I'm about to shift the endpoint to
> my WAP from test (CentOS 5.4), and get a subnet. I'm using sixxs as my broker.
> Is there a group consensus about which is subjectively better, openwrt or
> dd-wrt? The hardware will support either.

I gave up on openwrt. I had 7 or 8 openwrt routers running in various places but
I gave up because I had too many unresolvable problems with openwrt. Kamikaze
was easy enough to get up and running but I had problems with iptables that 
went away by taking the same rules and loading them on a mini-itx based router
running Centos 5. Asking questions about specific problems on the openwrt lists 
went unanswered. White Russian based routers did not have these problems but
unfortunately White Russian has been unmaintained for several years.

I have never messed with ddwrt so I cannot comment on that.

Hope this helps.


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