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Umbunto Not Updating & Firefox Not Working

Dear All:

     I gave up using my Ubunto laptop because Libre Office Writer was corrupted and I could not fix it.  I am going into the hospital and need it, so I thought I would try again.  It booted into 14.4, but when I go to the Ubuntu Software Center, it shows my programs, but does nothing.  The little fan gauge at the top shows that I am hoked to WiFi and have an adequate signal.  I tried searching for "update" and "update all," but got no relevant hits.  What am I doing wrong?

Firefox opens nicely, but then can't find anything.  I tried searching for "yahoo.com" and google.com" and all I get is that it can't find the server.  Again, what am I doing wrong.

     With LibreOffice Writer, the top bar (with "files," "home," "insert," etc.  is missing.  I assume the way to deal with that is to delete all of LibreOffice and reinstall from the depository, but I can't get to the depository.  Again, what am I doing wrong?.  

-- Chris Peeples --

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