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Raspberry Pi Jam next Sunday March 4th

It is a little too late to be an officially sponsored event.  

But I think we have enough interest here to have a DIY event.  
Let's make this PI only!  Only one non-Arm cpu allowed per person 
(used for web research and writing sd cards).  

I have 5 to 7  PI's and 
maybe 3 or 4 small screens 
3 or 4 keyboards 
3 or 4 mice
4 or 5 sd cards (older PI uses full size and newer micro)  
3 or 4 cameras
A lot of leds 
couple of breadboards
Some sensor kits but I think most are analog -- I could bring an 
Arduino or two if there is interest in working with the sensors.  

Same time and place.  


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