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Re: BerkeleyLUG meetup this Sunday 2018-04-22 at 85c Bakery

Already finished-up lunch and am ready to head out.

Guess that it's another BerkeleyLUG meetup that I'll
have to flake out on -- this time on a beautiful
Sunday in Spring -- due to other plans for the rest
of the afternoon. If Michael P, Tom L, and/or other
proficient Linux people show up today, then I'd
easily guess that they'd very much be able to
provide any hands-on project-assistance, fixes,
suggestions, training and their relevant
discussion-expertise for others present who may
require the same or who may even *insist* upon such ;-D.

FWIW, there is someone offering to give away for
free a good, working laptop PC which has 4GB
RAM (max 8G? 16GB) and 64-bit Windows 7 
currently installed. I looked it over this morning
and don't want/need that laptop myself. Only
things are, the top of the laptop's lid is
scratched (though the new owner can always
completely cover the lid with stickers ;-), the
optical drive is physically defective (though
the laptop boots up fine with a Linux liveUSB
stick), and the person offering it to me is
ready to give it to the next interested party if
I don't take it before 3pm (how about that; the
very end of the "official" time of the
BerkeleyLUG meetup).
Okay, whatever :-\

In any case, have a good BerkeleyLUG meetup today!


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