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Re: BerkeleyLUG meetup this Sunday 2018-10-28 at 85C Bakery

Quoting ilsa (ilsa.bartlett@gmail.com):

> I wonder if any of you all digital experts will be interested in helping me
> with some digital problems on my mac or is the feeling I should just go
> away ?

Ilsa, _if_ you are talking about software problems of some sort with a
Macintosh running one of Apple's Macintosh OS operating systems, 
then you would probably be better off seeking help from a Macintosh user 

Before 2000, I would have happily suggested you contact good ol'BMUG
Berkeley Macinto User Group).
(I'm assuming you're in the Berkeley/Oakland/San Francisco area.)  But
BMUG disintegrated in that year, _but_ a number of institutions split off
it at that time, and appear still healthy, including:

o  SVMUG, http://www.svmug.org/ , is in Silcon Valley
o  Planet MUG, http://www.planetmug.org/ , is BMUG's old online
   community, still going!

I mean, you _could_ ask your MacintoshOS-oriented questions here, but 
the likelihood of people here having relevant experience is low, the 'L'
in BerkeleyLUG standing for 'Linux'.   OTOH, as Michael suggests, if 
you are having difficulties using a Macintosh computer that is running
Linux, odds are that people here _can_ help you.  Just go ahead and 
describe the difficulty.  (I recommend trying the software operation 
_again_ prior to describing the problem, so that you can take
contemporaneous notes rather than try to remember something that
happened a while ago.)

Cheers,                                         I could maybe do one pilate.
Rick Moen                                       -- Matt Watson (@biorhythmist)
McQ! (4x80)

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