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Re: Rundown of possible switch to Algorithm Coffee for new meetup venue

Quoting goossbears (acohen36@gmail.com):

> IMHO, it shouldn't be all too all that surprising that my own Pluses and 
> Minuses for Algorithm Coffee in particular would be nearly identical to 
> Michael P's and Tom L's.

FWIW, I concur, though I was there for only a brief while (because
Deirdre was in the car waiting to go home).  I had a generally
favourable impression:  This is a neat, attractive, well-run place that
takes its coffee seriously.  It looked to me as if the major issues were
noise level when it gets busy, and infeasibility of joining multiple
tables when it gets busy.  So, it occurs to me that one way to deal with
that obstacle (as an alternative to the 'a couple of people come early 
and grab & hold one or a pair of 6-person tables' tactic) would be to
reschedule BerkeleyLUG to earlier than Algorithm Coffee's peak business
hours.  Algorthm Coffee opens on Sundays at 9am, according to the Web
site.  I'll be a brief reconnoitre at 9-10am tomorrow would confirm that
it's typically quiet and very uncrowded at that hour -- at least as one
data point..

As to remoteness (which you've already covered, but I'll chime in
anyway), it's a 1.4 mile walk from downtown Berkeley BART, which is more
than some would be willing to do, but just a pleasant walk by many
people's standards -- and (as you say) AC Transit certainly runs down
University Avenue and San Pablo Avenue well enough.

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