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Re: Possibilities for new BerkeleyLUG meetup place?

Quoting Alan Davis (alan3davis@gmail.com):

> Just a random thought: is there a maker space with space devoted to
> groups? 

To paraphrase Jamie Zawinski's famous jibe about a awk, a computerist
once said 'I know!  I'll solve that by relying on a
hackerspace/makerspace!  Now, he had _two_ problems.'

As with 'I know, we'll just use a public library community room!', the
problem is that you're not the first person to have thought of doing it,
and it's a scarce resource with hoops to jump through and contention,
sometimes involving sponsorship money.

Sudo Room exists.  Noisebridge exists.  Hackerdojo exists (but is in
Silicon Valley.  Unfortunately, if you imagine that lining up guaranteed
and publicly accessible space is easy and free, um, no.  But check and
find out, if you don't believe me.  The existence of gotchas is a
predictable consequence of their basic nature.  You can see that, right?

The great thing about pizza parlours, as a general class, is that
they're accessible to the public during business hours (but not always
Sundays), they're happy to see you and provide lots of tables (because
otherwise you probably wouldn't buy a pizza), and tend to perpetuate
themselves through the genius move of having a credible business model.
Now, the trick is to find one that isn't ridiculously noisy or crowded
or too far away, doesn't have horrific bathrooms, and isn't plagued by
karaoke, garage bands, or blaring televisions.  I'm betting the best
solution will lie with one of those.

(Forgive me if I'm not helping reconnoitre, as I'm in Menlo Park.)

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