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Pi day --> Algorithm; BerkeleyLUG --> <TBD> (Likely Blue Door, or ???): Re: Alert! 85C is closed!

Thanks for the heads up!

Well, that rather confirms our suspicions of
85C Bakery Cafe
not continuing to be a viable business model,
at least as it was being run and
[mis-]managed at that location.
I also notice it's gone from their
locations on their web presence:

So, anyway, as you stated,
Pi Day (at least for 2019-06-02) -->
Algorithm Coffee Co.
1122 University Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94702-1699

As for BerkeleyLUG (non-Pi Day meetings)
I'll update that to TBD ...
I'm thinking likely Blue Door (which also may be more feasible while most
of the Cal students are away) ... I'll update it from TBD *after*
tomorrow's Pi Day meeting, to help reduce probability of
confusion.  Unless I hear significant objection(s) / better idea(s),
I'll probably updated from TBD to Blue Door for *BerkeleyLUG*'s
meetings on or about Monday (at least after Pi Day meeting tomorrow,
and reasonably well in advance of BerkeleyLUG's next meeting (2nd Su).

From: "tom r lopes" <tomrlopes@gmail.com>
Subject: Alert! 85C is closed!
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2019 15:51:05 -0700

Pi day will be at Algorithm tomorrow.

I just walked by and found it is closed for good.

So we will have to come up with a new venue before the meeting next week.

For the pi day tomorrow I decided on Algorithm. I think it will be easiest
for us right now.


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