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Re: Alert! 85C is closed!

On Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 3:51:17 PM UTC-7, trl wrote:
Pi day will be at Algorithm tomorrow.
I just walked by and found it is closed for good.
So we will have to come up with a new venue before the meeting next week.
For the pi day tomorrow I decided on Algorithm. I think it will be easiest for us right now.

Yeah, just checked 85C's Yelp page https://www.yelp.com/biz/85-c-bakery-cafe-berkeley-4 and it also states as its Upcoming Special Hours that 85C Berkeley is closed indefinitely.
Aw shucks :-(

While I myself might also drop by Algorithm, would have to drop by only briefly tomorrow for the Pi Day; probably sometime between the tail-end of the meetup at 3pm and when it closes ~5pm. Since Pi Day is 1X/month and the regular BerkeleyLUG meetups are 2X/month, it seems a bit more important and time-sensitive, IMHO, to find a more permanent alternative BerkeleyLUG place to meet than at the old 85C (or even at Algorithm Coffee?)
Would like to visit beforehand for myself some of the other potential BerkeleyLUG meetup places that were floated around as options.
- Cafe Blue Door across Bancroft from the Southwest corner of the Cal campus; https://www.yelp.com/biz/cafe-blue-door-berkeley
- The Butcher's Son vegan delicatessan near 85C Bakery; https://www.yelp.com/biz/the-butchers-son-berkeley

Since the Pi Day doesn't seem to be particularly tied-down to Berkeley itself as does BerkeleyLUG in the latter's name, it opens up the possibility of meeting for the 1X/mo Pi Day inside of or even fairly *close by* Berkeley.
Therefore, I'd like to propose meeting at North Oakland's Sudo Room specifically for the 1X/mo Pi event.
Just off the top of my head, here are a couple of reasons to start off with why this may make sense....
- Sudo Room (sudoroom.org) is fairly-easily accessible by car, by AC Transit, and from the MacArthur BART from the many local points that BerkeleyLUG participants actually originate from.
- Sudo Room is very amenable to *exactly* the type of technical and Pi-project crowd that this Pi-event is geared to; SR has decent WiFi access, and sufficient power outlets and table space for such projects.
- In terms of accessibility, there is even a widely-publicized weekly Sunday event there -- Sudo Room's Build Your Own Internet Office Hours on its calendar https://sudoroom.org/calendar -- that can help ensure that people wishing to participate in the non-Berkeley-specific Pi Day event can gain access to the Omni Building for at least the ~1pm to 3:30pm time-period.
- A 1X/mo Pi Day having up to a half-dozen or so participants at Sudo Room is unlikely to greatly impede on SR's own weekly BYOI Office Hours' event (participants at the two separate events could even potentially technically assist each other out technically; as in routers <====> RPi's ?)

Am just throwing all this out there.
Hopefully, there will still be some folks around at Algorithm Coffee when am able to drop by near the end of the Pi Day meetup.


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