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BerkeleyLUG.com WordPress.com site migration: targeting <= 2019-08-27T09:53:17Z


I'm aiming/hoping/targeting to have the
BerkeleyLUG.com WordPress migrated by
<= 2019-08-27T09:53:17Z (6 months after I was notified of having
been granted admin access on the site)
I'll update when it's completed.
I'm certainly hoping to have it done by then,
I'll let you know if for any reason it might take
bit longer.

Details ...:
Most notably, I need to refactor my Apache configuration -
it's gotten rather big and complex - many sites, various
configurations on each, etc.  It has lots of use of
Include and IncludeOptional - which is kind'a good,
as that consolidates a lot of otherwise redundant stuff,
but it needs to be better consolidated/organized - notably
to get the wordpress bits in there appropriately for the relevant
virtual site(s), and not for the other(s), etc. (and generally
manage the whole web server thingy better).

From: "Jack Deslippe"
Subject: Re: BerkeleyLUG.com - domain, etc.
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2019 17:53:17 -0800

Hi Michael,

I think I've got this covered:

Action 2: I added you as an admin in wordpress. Can you verify you have
admin privileges? It does cost $48 a year. It is about to renew (march 9).
I'm OK paying for one more year if the end is in site (can probably pay
monthly too).

On Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 4:53 PM Michael Paoli <
Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu> wrote:

WordPress transition time:
As I understand it, it's $4.00USD/mo. WordPress.com billed/paid annually
(non-free to get custom (our) domain and no advertisements).  I've no
idea where we are in the billing/payment cycle for that, but I'd like
to have it or end up with it such that when this and other prerequisites
met and (presumed) transfer done, we've got at least 6 months remaining
already covered/paid on the WordPress.com hosting/billing cycle, to allow
time to arrange for replacement target location for the WordPress.com
hosted WordPress content.  (I and/or others might be willing to cover

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