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Re: BerkeleyLUG meetup this Sunday 2019-09-08 at Cafe Blue Door

On Thursday, September 5, 2019 at 8:20:04 AM UTC-7, goossbears wrote:
A timely reminder here that the first BerkeleyLUG
meetup of the month (and very last one of Summer
2019) is this upcoming Sunday, September 8th,
"officially" happening from 12Noon to 3pm PDT
at Berkeley's Cafe Blue Door.
The time and dates of meetups are also viewable
at www.berkeleylug.com/meetings

At least one other person also mentioned a "competing"
event of this Sunday's Solano Ave Stroll
which BerkeleyLUG participated in ten years ago this month
(see https://berkeleylug.com/2009/09/07/learn-about-linuxoss-at-the-solano-stroll/
and https://berkeleylug.com/2009/09/22/solano-stroll-success/ )

Might myself attend the Stroll from ~10am until ~1pm Sunday,
and then head out to Cafe Blue Door to arrive there before the
3pm end-time of the BerkeleyLUG meetup.


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