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Re: One off Pi Day

On Thursday, September 12, 2019 at 7:22:24 PM UTC-7, trl wrote:
Aaron and I will be at Cafe Blue Door this Sunday the 15th to work on Pi stuff.  
You are welcome to join us.  
As always noon til 3ish at Blue Door and while we try to get the big table we are respectful to 
other patrons and to the workers and the venue. 

Also, posted notice of the One-off Pi Day on Mastodon at https://fosstodon.org/@aaronco36/102783211989286089/
and submitted to the BerkeleyLUG site https://berkeleylug.com/ earlier this morning the post 'One-off Pi Day and Search for new locale'

Hope that this helps!

Std 29.8 GiB mSD
0.1 GB boot
1.4 GB swap
28 GB+ /root

removable 29.8 GiB or larger USB 3.x for /home

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