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Pi.BerkeleyLUG: First Berkeley Pi meeting of 2021

Berkeley Raspberry Pi meeting this coming Sunday 01.17.21

Meeting Details: 

11 am to ? 

tom is inviting you to a meeting.

Join the meeting:

To join by phone instead, tap this: +1.512.647.1431,,3314091209#

Looking for a different dial-in number?
See meeting dial-in numbers: https://meet.jit.si/static/dialInInfo.html?room=Pi.BerkeleyLUG

If also dialing-in through a room phone, join without connecting to audio: https://meet.jit.si/Pi.BerkeleyLUG#config.startSilent=true

Give away for this meeting is a Thinkpad X230.  I have mentioned this before -- it has a couple 
issues.  Mainly wobbly corner on top cover.  I thought that some epoxy and paperclip wire for 
reinforcement would work but looking at it now I don't think so.  It is a nice machine though.  

So for news:  

A github with script that automates turning a Pi into a USB webcam: https://github.com/geerlingguy/pi-webcam
In Linux there is a USB "gadget mode"  If the USB is not connected through a hub.  Usually 
your computer has an internal hub, so this is not possible.   But the Pi Zero has a single port as does the model A.  The Pi 4 with the USB C power port.  
Find the details on Jeff's github.  

If you need a webcam you can have one of my webcam on a stick.  It is just a repurposed laptop webcam that I soldered to a USB cable.  I've been using one for months during the pandemic when webcams were hard to buy (And I lent my only one out)  You would have to 
figure out the mounting.  I just duct taped it to my monitor (the sticky residue was a little hard to clean)  

BeagleV (beagle five) board announced:  https://beagleboard.org/beaglev 
This is a small computer that is based on the RiscV architecture instead of Arm.  RiscV was 
invented at Cal Berkeley as a free and open cpu design.  The BeagleV is the first affordable 
RiscV general purpose computer board.  So another alternative now that Nvidia is buying Arm.  
Recall the Pi has a Broadcom Arm cpu.  

I don't have a particular project in mind for this meeting.  I have some laptop fixing to do 
which involves some soldering board repair.  But Sunday meetings are a bit early for me 
(and I'm often half hour late) so I may not have enough brain to do it.  
Also I have a portable USB monitor where the DisplayLink controller board is bad.  The board 
can be had on Aliexpress but I thought why not just get an HDMI controller board and convert it.  So I could do that instead.  


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