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Degrading audio from today's BerkeleyLUG virtual meetup

Saw the vast majority of today's BerkeleyLUG virtual meetup on Jit.si meetup, but not so for the audio. The audio from Michael P degraded and eventually disappeared.
Tried the standard fixes of leaving and restarting the Jit.si session, closing down all browser windows+tabs except for just the Jit.si session, shutting down all other RAM-using Xapps such as virtualbox...etc. Specific audio issue with hearing Michael remained.

FWIW, happened to notice that Michael didn't separately dial-in by phone today to the Jit.si session for sole audio transmittal as he did previously (+1.512.647.1431 PIN: 1036 1972 20#)

Last heard was Chris and Tom discussing the vaccination situation and the vaccination "discontinuity" plans of the past U.S. President :-\

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