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Re: Degrading audio from Sunday's BerkeleyLUG virtual meetup

8-O  Dang, sorry about that.  As far as I'm aware, on this past Sunday's
meeting, everyone was able to hear everyone okay ... except as you noted,
you weren't able to hear me (or hear me well) on much of the meeting,
and despite your having reconnected too.

I wonder if that was the half-duplex version of the "split-brain"
problems we've occasionally seen before with https://meet.jit.si/
At least from what I read earlier, when that problem occurs, the video and
audio end up in two (or more) separate "meetings"/groupings at the same
URL(!), but the chat (which is processed differently) doesn't end up getting
split like that.  So, the chat may be a useful way to communicate when such
issues appear to be active (and to (more?) reliably comment upon them or
testing there of or issue(s) observed).

Also, with Jitsi meet, one can not only always rejoin, and can also join
via telephone (there isn't a number that's local to the Bay Area, but there
is a US number (many cellular plans don't charge long distance or per-minute
for all US calls)).  One disadvantage with phone though, if one gets muted,
there's no way to unmute from phone (other than disconnect and reconnect) ...
at least last I checked on that (there's "bug" / "feature request" to fix
that, at least last I checked on it).

And, in addition to rejoining, from browser, Jitsi Meet has no problem with
someone joining multiple times from same computer ... even same browser at same
time(!).  So, that can also be handy to, e.g. troubleshoot, or to relatively
seamlessly transition from one (e.g. suspect) connection to a new one, without ever disconnecting from the meeting.

Anyway, I think thus far that's the first time we've hit that particular audio
problem.  If I better catch it next time, I probably ought try a
disconnect/reconnect (or switch to phone for audio) to see if that clears it

Sorry that issue showed up.  Hopefully a one-off? - as I don't think we've
seen that particular issue before.  Anyway, if we bump into it again, we
may want to poke at it more, to see if we can at least work around it in
a timely manner.

From: goossbears <acohen36@gmail.com>
Subject: Degrading audio from today's BerkeleyLUG virtual meetup
Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2021 13:39:17 -0700 (PDT)

Saw the vast majority of today's BerkeleyLUG virtual meetup on Jit.si
meetup, but not so for the audio. The audio from Michael P degraded and
eventually disappeared.
Tried the standard fixes of leaving and restarting the Jit.si session,
closing down all browser windows+tabs except for just the Jit.si session,
shutting down all other RAM-using Xapps such as virtualbox...etc. Specific
audio issue with hearing Michael remained.

FWIW, happened to notice that Michael didn't separately dial-in by phone
today to the Jit.si session for sole audio transmittal as he did previously
(+1.512.647.1431 PIN: 1036 1972 20#)

Last heard was Chris and Tom discussing the vaccination situation and the
vaccination "discontinuity" plans of the past U.S. President :-\

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